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Sub-Assemblies, Complete Assemblies and Steel Fabricated Products

More than just a steel processor, H.W. Metals has the tools and skills to help with many of your fabrication needs. Thanks to our full-service, turnkey steel processing capabilities, H.W. Metals can produce not just parts and pieces, but complete assemblies and carbon steel fabricated products as well. We provide fabricated products for a wide spectrum of projects. Working off customer supplied drawings, we can be an extension of our customer’s shops building sub-assemblies or complete fabrications. Here are just 3 examples of our fabrication capabilities.

H.W. Metals has the capabilities to laser and plasma cut, punchform, and weld metal parts and components in short, medium, and up to 60-foot lengths, more efficiently and faster than others in the industry. Being a small, family-owned business, we can cater our processes to the needs of our customers, instead of making our customers’ needs work within our capabilities. We offer kitting services to package and deliver your components the way you need them, when you need them.

Gantry welding custom steel towers

Tower Fabrication

H.W. Metals is leading manufacturer of custom tapered tubular steel poles and build to print structures. Working in tandem with our steel tower partner Pacific Steel Structures, H.W. Metals can manufacture the pole or tower to fit most any project. Through the dedicated sales and engineering team at Pacific Steel Structures, and the experience and knowhow of manufacturing at H.W. Metals, you are assured the highest quality to meet any need. For more information regarding our tower capabilities please contact either Pacific Steel Structures or H.W. Metals. Follow the link for more information on our tapered and fabricated custom steel towers.

Welded steel sub assembly

Sub-Assembly Fabrication

Working as an extension of our customer’s shop, H.W. Metals can provide quality sub-assemblies to create a turn-key product and help alleviate production demands. H.W. Metals often supplies loose piece parts to our customers, through our fabrication abilities we can take this one step further. By allowing H.W.’s skilled fabricators to assemble these parts into turn-key sub-assemblies we can elevate production pressures and ease simplicity in purchasing. In turn, allowing our customers to focus on increasing their production output while never compromising quality or delivery. This extra step allows H.W. Metals to not only provide processed steel to our customers, but truly become a partner and an extension of their shops.

Highway guard rail

Specialty Fabrication

As a Build to Print fabrication shop, H.W. Metals not only can deliver on your sub-assembly needs, but also fabricate finished parts. With experience building pressure tested fuel tanks for rail cars, electrification poles for light rail, highway guard barriers, and more, H.W. Metals can take your design and make it reality. Through strict adherence to our quality assurance program (AAR) you are assured the highest quality in fabrication. Please contact H.W. Metals to see how our skilled fabricators, or gantry welding systems can help with any of your build to print fabrication needs.

Thanks to our full-service, turnkey steel processing capabilities, H.W. Metals is able to produce not just parts and pieces, but complete assemblies and metal fabricated products, as well. We have provided metal fabricated products for a wide spectrum of projects, industries and applications.

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