Custom A1065 Steel Tubing

Oversized HSS (ASTM A1065) Square and Rectangle Steel Tubing

H.W. Metal Products, Inc. is a leading producer of Oversized HSS Tubing (ASTM A1065).  Our unique capabilities allow us to produce tubing up to 1” wall thickness, 60’ in length (wall thickness may affect maximum length) and 48” square.  H.W. Metals has the ability to custom fabricate tubing to meet demands outside of typical stock tubing dimensions and sizes.  By manufacturing our tubing per the ASTM A1065 we can provide the customer exact dimensions and lengths for those hard-to-find requirements. Working with our knowledgeable sales staff, we are confident we can help with even the most complex oversized HSS Tubing procurements, questions or projects. Call HW today!

What is Oversized HSS Tubing?

Oversized HSS Tubing is large steel tubing designed to meet the demand for large loading requirements or long spans.  Under the ASTM designation of A1065, Oversized HSS Tubing is fabricated up to 1” wall thickness, and is available in both Grade 50, and Grade 50W.  H.W. Metal Products, Inc. Oversized HSS Tubing is manufactured by a multiple step process.  Material is cut to size on one of our plasma tables (up to 100’ in length) and formed into matching C-Channels on our 60’ x 2500 ton CNC press brake.  The C-channels are carefully fitted into place with the support of a backing bar.  The two sections are then submerged arc welded along the longitudinal seams.  Throughout this process, H.W. Metals takes extreme care to meet all required dimensional tolerances, as well as a minimum standard of 80% weld penetration (PJP).  – 100% weld penetration (CJP) is available upon request with independent Ultrasonic Testing provided. 

Steel Tube Institute

In 2020 H.W. Metal Products became a proud producing member of the Steel Tube Institute. The STI is a leading source of information regarding HSS tubing of all types and needs. For additional information on ASTM A1065 tubing, HSS tubing, or the STI itself, please visit their website.  or click here for… 

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