ASTM A1065 HSS Steel Tubing

Steel Welded Tube to Your Exact Specs – Up to 60’ Continuous

While many mills provide ASTM A500 HSS (hollow structural section) steel tubing, they often only provide 20’ or 40’ lengths and a limited range of sizes/dimensions. This leaves customers with tubing that is either too long (resulting in wasted scrap) or too short (requiring multiple sections to be welded together), and that does not fit the desired size range.

At H.W. Metals, we focus on producing custom carbon steel HSS that matches our customers’ exact specifications and meets the A1065 tubing standard. As a turnkey steel processor, we have the capabilities to manufacture custom-fabricated seam welded tube in the size and length you need.

We work with carbon steel coil and plate in various thicknesses to produce custom fabricated tubing. We use a multi-step process: the steel plate or coil is cut to size, formed via press brake into two half-sections, a backing bar is tacked to one channel, channels are fit and tacked together, and sub arc welded to create a custom HSS that meets your unique requirements.

H.W. Metals offers custom seam welded tube in sizes and lengths that mills can’t provide. We can produce custom steel tubing in sizes up to 52” x 52” and in continuous lengths up to 60’.


What is ASTM A1065?

A1065 is the “Standard Specification for Cold-Formed Electric-Fusion (Arc) Welded High-Strength Low-Alloy Structural Tubing in Shapes, with 50 ksi [345 MPa] Minimum Yield Point,” as defined by ASTM International.

This specification covers multiple sizes of square and rectangular tubing with specified wall thickness of 1” or less. Sizes outsideof the specified range may be said to meet spec if all other requirements of the specification are met. ASTM A1065 tubes are joined by two longitudinal arc welds; circumferential welds are disallowed.

ASTM A1065 covers three Types and two Grades of cold-formed, arc-welded steel tubing for use in welded or bolted construction of building and for general structural purposes. These include Type 1 (welded with backing, backing left in product), Type 2 (welded with backing, backing removed), and Type 3 (welded without backing) tubing, in Grade 50 (manufactured from high-strength, low-alloy steel) and Grade 50W (manufactured from high-strength, low-alloy steel with enhanced atmospheric corrosion resistance). Grades may not be interchanged without approval of purchaser. 

Contact Us for Custom Seam Welded Tube

Many suppliers offer standard sized A500 tubing, but H.W. Metals fabricates tubing to match your exact dimensional requirements. Request a quote on custom fabricated tubing or contact us to discuss your tubing project. For more photos of our custom tubing, visit our Custom Tubing Photo Gallery.