HW Metals Video Library

A Virtual Tour of HW’s Steel Processing and Fabrication Equipment and Shop

Can’t get to beautiful Portland Oregon to visit H.W. Metal Products in person, take a virtual tour through of our shop The following videos provide a closer look at HW’s full range of steel processing equipment, highlighting their capabilities to process all sizes of steel, specializing in long…

H.W. Metal Products, Inc.

H.W Metals Virtual Shop Tour

Take a virtual tour through H.W. Metals fully enclosed 120,000 ft. facility, and their full range of steel processing and fabrication equipment, including 3 plasma cutters, laser cutter, punch, 6 press brakes, and the open arc, sub arc and MIG welding equipment. We review HW’s equipment, capabilities and turnkey services to handle projects of any size, specializing in long. For more information, also visit the About Us page and Shop Photo Gallery.


H.W. Metals Photo Slideshow

HW Metals is a full-service custom steel processor of steel plate, specializing in cutting, forming, punching and fabricating long parts. Take a photo tour of HW Metals’ manufacturing facility, check out the steel processing equipment, machine operators and fabricators, and some of the some of the many parts and products made, from rail car parts, trailer frames, square and rectangular tubing, poles, and much more. For more information, also visit the About Us page and Shop Photo Gallery.

Metal Processing Equipment

Laser & Plasma Cutting

We review H.W. Metals’ three plasma tables and their cutting capabilities, starting with the Messer Dual Beam, with 4 HPR400 torches, capable of cutting up to 12’ x 100’ x 3” thick, drill a 4” hole into a 4” thick plate and inkjet print to identify parts. And HW’s Prima Maximo 4000-watt high-definition laser, has a 10’ x 60’ table. For more information, also visit the Laser and Plasma web pages and the Laser and Plasma Photo Galleries.

Punching, Dimpling, and Contours

HW’s Franklin CNC 196-ton punch has the metal punching capabilities up to 60’ long and up to 1-1/2” thick, with precise punch shapes and patterns, plus the plasma heads can cut contours into material. HW also has the ability to add dimpling to material, where they can add raised (or lowered) impressions for improved tread grip or other purposes. For more information, also visit the Punching web page and Punching Photo Gallery.

Press Brake Forming

Specializes in long forming, HW’s first piece of equipment was a tandem 24’ x 750 press brake. The longest are x2 – 30’ 1250 ton Cincinnati Press Brakes, in tandem 60’ 2500 ton. From long, complex workpieces, to small, simple projects. Providing the full range of forming capabilities, HW also has a 14’ and a 20’ x 350-ton Cincinnati Press Brake. For more information, also visit the Forming web page and Forming Photo Gallery.

Welding - MIG, Submerged Arc and Open Arc

Review H.W. Metals’ full range of welding options, starting with our largest open/sub arc 138” x 138” x 70’ welding gantry, capable to weld tapered and fabricated towers up to 11’ diameter. HW’s submerged arc welders, weld square and rectangular tubing up to 52” x 52” x 60’ and our open arc beam welder up to 50’ in length. HW’s welding systems are complemented by D1.1 certified MIG welders and fabricators. For more information, also visit the Welding web page and Welding Photo Gallery.