H.W. Metals offers submerged (sub) arc and open arc welding services, as well as MIG welding, to complement our other steel processing capabilities. Our full-service welding capabilities allow us to deliver more complete products for our customers, saving them time and money in the production process.

Many products, including our custom tubing, can have all their welds completed with our computer-automated sub arc welding system. Products requiring more complex welds benefit from the skills and experience of H.W. Metals’ welders, who provide manual open arc and MIG welding services.

Submerged Arc Welding Gantry (x2)

  • Both capable of welding square and rectandle tubing.
  • 1ea. 52" x 52" x 60"
  • 1ec. 48" x 48" x 50"

Automatic Open Arc Beam Welder

  • Used for welding custom poles and tubing up to 50' in length

MIG Welding

  • Used in the custom welding of both small and large parts.
  • All welders are certified to D1.1 and above.

No matter what type of welding your products need, H.W. Metals provides highly efficient, top quality welding and complete, turnkey steel processing. We do more of the work on your project, so you don’t have to.

We are your Number 1 domestic outsource option. Request a quote on custom metal processing for your project, or contact H.W. Metals for more information.