HW Laser Cutting

High Definition Laser, up to 60’ Long Continuous

H.W. Metals offers laser cutting services to deliver parts and components that meet our customers unique requirements. Utilizing a 4000 Watt Prima Maximo laser system with a 10’ x 60’ worktable, we are able to provide high precision metal laser cutting for large, long parts that are beyond the capabilities of most of our competitors.

The laser cutting of steel allows for greater dimensional accuracy and tighter tolerances than other metal cutting methods. It provides clean, smooth surface edges that require little to no prep prior to welding, making the production process faster and easier. Laser cutting metal also allows for small, precision holes and cutouts that other cutting methods cannot achieve.

While we specialize in laser cutting metal parts in large sizes and lengths up to 60 feet, H.W. Metals can laser cut custom parts and components of any size, large or small, in the quantities your project requires. Our metal laser cutting system can process materials in thicknesses up to 1/2" for Carbon Steel, 3/8" Stainless Steel, 5/16” Aluminum 3/4". Whether your components are one foot long or sixty, our metal laser cutting services result in the same exceptional precision and repeatability.

Laser Video Tour

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