Metal Punching

H.W. Metals has the metal punching capabilities to process materials up to 80’ long and up to 1-1/2” thick. 

With a 196-ton Franklin CNC punch, a 300-ton Beatty punch, and a team of skilled operators, we can create precise punch shapes and patterns. We have tooling available for a number of ready-made punch shapes and patterns and can easily procure tooling for custom patterns and shapes, should your application require them.

CNC metal punching

Though we specialize in punching and processing larger workpieces up to 80’ in length, we can produce smaller parts and components with equal precision. Built-in plasma heads on the out feed of our punches make it possible to cut longer pieces of material into multiple smaller end products. This process is far more effective and efficient than using multiple, smaller pieces of material to achieve the same result, as it requires less time to load the material and results in less scrap.

The plasma heads on our metal punching equipment can also be used to cut contours into material, as needed. For more precise and complex metal cutting, we offer laser and plasma cutting services.

H.W. Metals is one of few steel processors with the ability to add dimpling to material. Rather than punching holes or patterns clean through the metal, we can add raised (or lowered) impressions for improved tread grip or other purposes. We can create any combination of holes, patterns, and dimpling your design requires.

H.W. Metals is your Number 1 domestic outsource option. Request a quote on the metal punching your project requires, or contact H.W. Metals for more information.