Metal Forming and Steel Bending

All Lengths- Multiple Presses up to 60'

Though we have numerous processing capabilities, H.W. Metals is first and foremost a metal forming company. While we specialize in press brake forming services of large, long workpieces, we provide superior metal forming service for parts and components of all lengths.

Our family of press brake metal forming equipment, ranging from 60' to 14'.

60' x 2500 Ton Cincinnati Press Brake
20' x 350 Ton Cincinnati Press Brake

Our CNC-operated steel forming press brake provides tight tolerances and repeatability, from the first part to the ten-thousandth. The size and range of our equipment, gives us a wide range of metal forming capabilities—if we can’t do it, you’ll be hard pressed to find a steel processor that can! See the video on our full line of Press Brake Equipment, or visit our photo gallery, with photographs of our press brake equipment and the parts and components that we manufacture.

HW Metals' Press Brake Equipment.

2ea. - 30' 1250 ton Cincinnati Press Brakes / 60' Continuous 60’. We have two 30’, 1250-ton brakes that can be run independently or in tandem, this massive, custom-designed machine gives us total forming capacity up to 60’ in continuous length, with 2500 tons of force, and 36” throat depth.

2ea. - 24' 750 ton Pacific Press Brakes / 48' Continuous. We also operate a similarly-arranged 48’, 1500-ton press brake, comprised of two 24’, 750 ton-brakes that can operate separately or in tandem.

20’ 350 Ton Cincinnati Press Brake. Used for medium sized metal forming and steel bending projects. Using CNC Auto Form, creating 100% repeatability and identical parts.

14’ 350 Ton Press Brake. For our shorter press brake forming services. Using CNC Pro-form.

H.W. Metals’ skilled, dedicated staff brings an unparalleled attention to detail and commitment to quality to every order. With decades of combined experience, our skilled team knows metal forming inside and out. Along with this comes a level of expertise that other metal processors cannot offer.

Forming steel plate on 48' press brakeForming steel plate on 20' press brake


From long, complex workpieces to small, simple projects, H.W. Metals is a worldwide leader in metal forming and your Number 1 domestic outsource option. Request a quote on metal forming today, or contact us to learn more.

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