Plasma Burning

90' long worktables, capable of cutting up to 3" thick steel, drilling a 4" hole into a 4 " thick plate and identify parts with a multi-jet inkjet printer.

Utilizing high performance, high definition Messer and Sector plasma burning systems, with (x3) 90' long worktables, we are able to cut metal materials  up to 3" thick. HW is able to cut and process both small and medium sized parts, as well as the large, long sizes, that are beyond the capabilities of our competitors. We can produce parts and components of all shapes and sizes in quantities to meet your needs. 


12’ x 90’ Messer TMC 4500 DBST Duel Beam, High Definition Plasma Table

4- HPR 400 torches.  Capable to cut, drill, tap, and bevel all with 1 piece of equipment.

Cuts up to 3” thick and 24 bit automatic drill changer can drill a 4” hole into a 4” thick plate.  Parts are identified with a multi-jet injet printer


12’x90’ Sector High Performance Plasma Table

4 – HPR 280

Cuts up to 1” thick material




12x90’ Messer Titan Plasma Table

2 torch – HPR 260

Cuts up to 1.5” thick material




Our CNC-operated plasma cutting systems provide superb accuracy and meet or exceed all industry-standard tolerances. Through-holes can also be added via plasma cutting or with the drill on our Messer Plasma Cutter. Plasma burning provides exceptional quality and tight tolerances, uniquely suited for many applications. For more information on HW Metals full range of metal cutting capabilities, check out our Metal Cutting Video or visit our Plasma Burning Photo Gallery. 

We are your Number 1 domestic outsource option. Request a quote on the plasma burning your project requires, or contact H.W. Metals for more information