Fabricated Steel Tubing

Full Range of Secondary Operations, including Welding, Drilling, Hole Punching…

H.W. Metals is a full-service, turnkey metal tubing manufacturer. In addition to fabricating custom steel tubing in the size/length and shape you need, we also provide a range of secondary operations that enable us to deliver complete tubing products that are near-ready to use and that match your unique requirements.

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Steel Tube Fabrication Capabilities

We can fabricate custom square and rectangular tubing in sizes up to 52” x 52” and in continuous lengths up to 60’, longer using splics. In-house secondary operations include drilling, hole punching, welding/attachment of external components, and more. We can provide powder coating, painting, galvanizing, and other processes through partnerships with local facilities.

Although few products that leave our facility are 100% ready for use, we can deliver fabricated tubing that requires minimal additional finishing by our customers. We can fabricate most or all of the parts your project requires and ship them out for finishing or assembly at your location. With our kitting services, we can package and deliver your tubing and components how and when you need them.

Tube Fabrication with Attachments, Fabricated tapered tubular pole, Pole Gantry Welding Seam     

Save Time & Money with H.W. Metals’ Custom Steel Tube Fabrication

With a host of secondary operations available under one roof, and complete process management for many more, we reduce the number of vendors you have to work with, as well as the headaches associated with your project.

We cater our processes to meet the needs of our customers and to give them finished products that meet their specifications. We are always working to save our customers time and money. We do more of the work so you don’t have to!

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We are the only resource you need for custom fabricated metal tubing, steel processing, and more. Request a quote on steel tube fabrication, or contact H.W. Metals today to discuss your project. For more photos of our custom tubing, visit our Custom Tubing Photo Gallery.